The biggest douche bag frat on campus.
They like to wear neon hats and have neon koozies.
They like sperrys and flip flops.
They wear polo on a daily basis, I'm sorry Ralph Lauren, I know that makes you look bad.
They think they know style by wearing Southern Tide or Vineyard Vines.
They think they are southern gentleman.
They will talk to you one minute and when ever you text them sometime in a couple weeks, they don't answer.
They like to think they are in a brotherhood, but really it's like a sex trade between naive high school girls and other sorority hoes.
There is normally some illegal prescription drug activity between some "brothers"
They like to think they are cool because they drink "mixed" drinks.... 1 time is not cool.
They like to shotgun cheap beer.

Refer to douche bag or homosexual
Did you see that Pike? He is such a douchebag.

Did you see that guy over there? He is such a Pike.
by TheGirlThatWroteYouASong September 21, 2011
a retarded idiot tries to act funny and cool but nobody like him/her but he/she doesnt know it;someone who tries to act cool but has no friends.
Byron is a fuckin pike and he doesnt realize it lol.

Byron needs to get a life and stop being a pike.

by Dale Campbell June 12, 2008
To pepperspray a non-violent protester, especially if done in a casual manner with obvious excessive force.

See recent footage from UC Davis protest.
Group of protesters: SHAME ON YOU!

Observer: Did you see that cop? He totally piked all those people in the sit-in!
by Nerdlass November 20, 2011
1. A sharp stick. And it's got a blade on the end. Don't you play war video games?

2. A cross between a pie and cake, a widely popular pastry among people who believe that it actually exists.
syn: pie-cake, cake-pie, caie
Hmmm... It's his birthday... but he really likes pie... I know, I'll get a pike!
by Korais September 11, 2003
A. To throw up

B. To refrain from participation
A. "He's had 10 pints i think he's gonna pike!"

B. "Don't stay at home you piker, come out!"
by Offbeat October 25, 2003
To prod another into action (as if poking them with a spear).
Jeff: Did you hear back from the client manager when they are going to get our consultant started?

Ron: No, I'm going to pike him until he calls me back!
by Jeff Kennedy August 21, 2007
1. A casual sex partner

2. To have intercourse with a casual parner. Piked.
He piked her real good the other day.
by CynC September 19, 2003

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