a retarded idiot tries to act funny and cool but nobody like him/her but he/she doesnt know it;someone who tries to act cool but has no friends.
Byron is a fuckin pike and he doesnt realize it lol.

Byron needs to get a life and stop being a pike.

by Dale Campbell June 12, 2008
Verb- The act of being roofied or date raped in any other way
Melissa: Let's go to Pi Kappa Alpha's party tonight!
Sarah: No way, I'm not trying to get piked!
Melissa: Good point, lets hit up Lambda Chi instead, they throw better parties anyway and aren't total douchecocks
by 24Bama24 November 04, 2013
To pepperspray a non-violent protester, especially if done in a casual manner with obvious excessive force.

See recent footage from UC Davis protest. www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuWEx6Cfn-I
Group of protesters: SHAME ON YOU!

Observer: Did you see that cop? He totally piked all those people in the sit-in!
by Nerdlass November 20, 2011
1. A sharp stick. And it's got a blade on the end. Don't you play war video games?

2. A cross between a pie and cake, a widely popular pastry among people who believe that it actually exists.
syn: pie-cake, cake-pie, caie
Hmmm... It's his birthday... but he really likes pie... I know, I'll get a pike!
by Korais September 11, 2003
A. To throw up

B. To refrain from participation
A. "He's had 10 pints i think he's gonna pike!"

B. "Don't stay at home you piker, come out!"
by Offbeat October 25, 2003
To prod another into action (as if poking them with a spear).
Jeff: Did you hear back from the client manager when they are going to get our consultant started?

Ron: No, I'm going to pike him until he calls me back!
by Jeff Kennedy August 21, 2007
1. A casual sex partner

2. To have intercourse with a casual parner. Piked.
He piked her real good the other day.
by CynC September 19, 2003

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