Bacteria ridden, terminal disease causing germ buried deep within a heavily soiled automobile carpet. Most likely its origin is derived from decomposing food wrappers and spilled iced tea.

Offshoot of the virus that caused the Black Plague, from 1347-1351.
"Run, Jimmy, run!!! That car has pikar all over it!!!
by Buffy McGuire October 09, 2006
Top Definition
One who loves food; tea, bacon,french fries, chips, steak, chicken, subs, chocolate, cake, cookies, candy, pies, hamburgers, pork chops, shrimp, fish, lobster, snake, alligator, italian, chinese, mexican, if a pikar can chew it, he will eat it.

I think I could eat three steaks right now; I know just call me a Pikar!

by Emeril T. Food October 10, 2006
Severely disturbed creature from Greek Mythology.
Grandson of Ulysses
Son of Quizno
Killed during the 3rd Battle of Athens, while taking a nap.
"The battle could have been won had Pikar not been sitting on his ass, as usual."
by Rocko Marketti October 07, 2006
Rusty nonworking hinge, located on a bathroom stall door. In dire need of disrepair. May cause the door to swing outward.
"Dude, stay away from stall #2. I just saw some old guy chasing after the stall door, with his pants around his ankles, so it must have a bad pikar on it!!!!"
Part of the lower intestine. Related to a gastrointestinal disorder caused by excessive daily consumption of iced tea.
"Did you hear about Biff? I heard that all that iced tea blew out his pikar."
by Abdullah Jones October 06, 2006
Describes a underachieving, flossing, pretending to be successful guy or gal. Also describes someone who can not measure up in their chosen field. More often used on wall street and now being used on main street USA.
You bought a Benz to keep up with the boys and it was repossesed in six months, you're a pikar. Ben Affleck utilized the term in 'Boiler Room' for guys in the boardroom that could not cut it.
by Joe Chappelle November 28, 2005
Loud Mouth; opens mouth before thinking; liar; rattle jaw
"Shut your pie hole, you are starting to sound like a Pikar"
by John J Smith October 06, 2006
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