Any public coin-operated machine's cashbox which can be broken into and robbed.
We might have to smash open a piggy bank if we want malt liquor.
#crime #bank #robbery #theft #renumeration
by Col. Dr. April 23, 2006
Piggy banking is the act of fucking a girl standing up bouncing her up and down on your dick fast like your trying to shake change out of a piggy bank.
Yeah last night Gina came over, and I gave her the old piggybank.
#sex #piggy #bank #standing up #girls #tits #boobs #dick #money #change #shaking
by minagastrostefano February 03, 2012
When you are fucking a fat chick and you place a penny up in her pussy and don't tell her about it
I gave that girl a piggy bank last night.
#piggie bank #fuck #fat girl #dick #pussy
by JohnnyJackass January 11, 2006
When ones ass crack sticks out of the back of ones loose-fitting pants and under britches in the same manner as a plumbers crack. The reference comes from the thrilling temptation of dropping a couple of pennies down there.
I could see every hair and dingle berry in his plump piggy bank when he squatted with his back to me to pick up the quarters I threw on the floor.
by Becki February 12, 2005
1.) 50 Cent song where he disses Jadakiss, Nas and Fat Joe, among others. As known as song that's about to end 50's career once Jada and Nas fire back.

2.) Where your money goes
1.) 50 who? Oh, dat dude who got crushed by Nas after the "Piggy Bank" song....

2.) clickity-clank, clickity-clank/my money goes into my piggy bank
by Clank Clickity March 02, 2005
1)To diss 3 guys using all their beats combined.
2)To ask to get shot
3)To say(In not so many words) I want a very talented rapper by the name of Jadakiss to air my ass out.
Clickity Clank, Clickity Clank, the money goes into my piggy bank.
by matt March 09, 2005
The police station in your local community.
The main place where police work.
Yo, they just arrested Jermaine and brought him to the piggy bank.
by Jeff Richardson June 26, 2005
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