the act of shooting a pigeon with ur meat while still milking the bitch of the dick head still heavy clamping slightly holding and badly gripping with clamps and the large hang down low! nigga hold'em
big hoes
pigeon milk
by niggabooboo April 26, 2010
Top Definition
A sexual maneuver requiring the man pull out on the verge of orgasm, tightly gripping his cock with his hand and holding in the jizz until the orgasm has ended. Once he has calmed down some and being pestered by his lover about why he's standing there holding his cock, he leans his lover's head back, positions the head of his cock inside their mouth and releasing the grip on his penis allowing the jism to dribble out like a pigeon feeding it's young.
Justin: Dude, you remember that bitch I was with last week?

Kevin: Yes, yes I do.

Justin: I gave her some pigeon milk.

JC and Kevin: MNYEH!

by TwinSunCoalition April 30, 2009
American idiom expressing the unlikely
or unbelieveable.
"I think I'll go into town to have the
unicorn's horn clipped" Jane intimated.

Jack replied, "Will you bring me back
some pigeon milk?"
by Elm Nop October 25, 2004
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