synonym: jihadis
When disciples of that 6th century paedophile reach the afterlife they'll be fucked by virgin pigs, forced to eat bacon of pig fucker, bathe in pig blood, and be slowly flayed while chanting allah not akbar.
by allah pig fucker May 26, 2013
A person who engages in sexual activity with an obese woman.
Duane "Dog" Chapman is a pig fucker.
by thepizzaman November 14, 2007
1. Post-pubescent individual who doesn't have access to a llama, but does to a sow.
2. A ninny.
Even if you had a she-goat, you'd still be a pigfucker!
by octopod December 01, 2003
some1 who fucks pigs
y would u call me a pig fucker terrence?
becaust u fuck pigs. oh ya.
by t&pRULE June 28, 2003
the person have sex with or love overweight person/people.
mandy is in love with all big men and she's a pig fucker.
by nicey adams April 22, 2003
a person who fucks pigs
you stupid pig fucker
by Anonymous August 24, 2002
another name for Jen Anderson.
Pigfucker is my favorite vegan.
by CSM April 23, 2005
the person have sex with overweight person.
i'm a pig fucker and i like big men.
by nicey adams April 22, 2003

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