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To lightly daub/pat concealer makeup under the eyes; a phrase used by cosmetic companies.
Don't rub, piffle!
by Starchylde December 27, 2014
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Utter crap that people utter or express..much like nonsense..rubbish and Bull which is completely superficial and non relevant to anything interesting.
"Did see Debbie's status update on facebook the other day?"

"Yeah, don't people talk a load of piffle"
by BFREASH February 18, 2010
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The act of having sex in an amphitheater.
*two people walking along at an amplitheater*
Person one: Piffle?
by sillylittleme February 09, 2010
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not believable. Generally used as a substitute for crap or shit when a delivate option is required.
What a load of piffle.
Oh piffle
by rizzle69 June 07, 2005
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An exclamation of anger or another extreme emotion. A cry to the likes and meaning of 'DAMN IT!'
'PIFFLE!' he shouted as he found the door open and his car keys gone.
by Mik March 10, 2003
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meaning much the same as "fuck" or "Dammit" it can be used in pelite company. however, it loses some of its edge if overused.
Piffle!!! i flunked calculus agan!!!
by Jessie K December 09, 2004
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A piffle is an amount of a substance such as jelly or cream.
2 piffles is one plop and 2 plops is one dollop.
Therefore, 4 piffles is one dollop.

3 dollops is one ladle and 3 ladles is one cauldron.
6 plops is one ladle and 12 piffles is one ladle.
18 plops is one cauldron, 36 piffles is one cauldron and 9 dollops is one cauldron.
Person 1: Can I have a dollop of cream on the side?

Person 2: So 4 piffles?

Person 1: Yeah
by dollopman November 12, 2011
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