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A person who sits in a bathtub, farts, then bites at the bubbles.
Chris's breath smells like shit because he's a piffer.
by Anthony April 04, 2005
When you slyly lick the tip of your thumb and gently "flick a woman's bean"
Mike and Alice were messing around on the couch. Mike decided to steal 3rd base and give her a little piffer.
by JamesBradshsw November 13, 2015
a slang term for the female genitalia.
ie. jodi slept with panties on for fear of getting spiders in her piffer.
by upnorth July 25, 2005
This is when somebody sticks their finger up their butt and scratches it. Then they lick their finger.
Eww that girl is Definitely a Piffer did you see her just do that?
by Vinicent May 28, 2008
An almost silent, "whooshing" or "piffing" fart.
Try as he might, John's attempt to let only a piffer resulted in a full-blown, sphincter clapping fart.
by MikeyVeggo April 09, 2003
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