Australian slang for throwing something really hard and fast
"C'mon Pete, piff the ball!"
by Viva April 24, 2005
that bangin shit that only your connection can get and all ya niggas want it
"yo my nigga lopez!"
"wats good nigga?"
"yo i got that piff nigga!"
"word???" "o shit let me throw down and get me high."
puff puff
"damn that" (cough) "good piff"
by joe delgado March 09, 2008
anything type of bud that will make you feel as if its the best type of bud your lungs have ever held. In other words the best of the best
I'm so blunted...that was piff.
Or it could have you talking like this : "Lets watch Harold and Humar".
by Piffsmoker September 18, 2007
Slang term referring to the female genitalia. Well known term used by Native American.
She's got a stinky piff.
by Jesse St.Claire September 05, 2007
Most of these definitions are wrong.

Real piff AKA piffy is marijuana not laced, but grown with opium in it. Before the plant buds, a syringe is used to inject the choice opiate into it, thus the drug being distributed evenly through the plant. When smoked, the high produced by piff is more of a mellow, relaxed high, then the normal hungry/sleepy/happy/stupid high produced by marijuana alone.
I rolled a blunt with some piff I got from this dude I know, and I was so fucked up all afternoon.
by davis ave July 25, 2008
A very potent strain of marijuana. Mainly found in NYC. Its amazing high is due to the lacing of opium from a spray can and the original marijuana strain which is usually haze. "City Piff" is more potent then regular piff because it is sprayed twice with opium.
Yo I just copped that fire Buck-7-Duece Piff straight from the city.
by The UnderDose July 29, 2009
that steve urple.
Mike: Yo you wanna catch a flick?
Bob: I'm already piffed up in the theater.
by Tony Blonts August 31, 2008
Basically piff is 60% looking great, 35% being a genius, 45% being charismatic, 30% being baller, 23% sexual skill, and 7% hand-eye coordination.
Great things happen when attractive women realize how piff Segugio is
by Segugio April 24, 2008
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