Australian slang for throwing something really hard and fast
"C'mon Pete, piff the ball!"
by Viva April 24, 2005
a product that has value; something that somebody or everybody would want. (ex. drugs, music, etc.)
I got that piff, dawg.
by craig geezy March 22, 2007
1. n. majuana,weed,purple haze, dope ect.

2. adj. something ill, new, or another way of saying the shit
1.ayo fam lemme have some of that piff

2.fam that new mixtape is fuckin piff
by joze June 27, 2006
A piff an unexpected splirt of white gas out of the top of your penis. It makes a loud PIFF sound and comes out nice and slowly. You may not feel it coming out but you sure will hear it.

In normals terms a piff is a penis-fart.
Person 1: Hey man do you want to see a movie?

Person 2: Yeah dude what movie are ou *PIFF* t.

Person 1: Gross. Did you just piff?
by GiggityGoo69 January 16, 2011
Flatulence out of the tip of the penis.
The male equivalent to a female queff. AKA "phiff", piss fart
Oops, I thought it was going to come out of my butt but i just farted out of my penis, I PIFFED!

I was about to pee, but it was just gas...I PIFFED!

I just PIFFED in my draws but don't worry because this one doesn't smell.
by The Chill Bro April 02, 2010
Girls can Queef and when the air is locked within the penis and released to make a whistle its a PIFF.
Holy shit what the fuck was that? is someone watching us? no i just piffed thats all. no one is whistling
by A-oogen February 04, 2010
Ponyisland feed back forum
A forum used to leave feedback on ponyisland
The user had a bad PIFF so I didnt sell her anything.
by Poetrywave January 28, 2010
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