Australian slang for throwing something really hard and fast
"C'mon Pete, piff the ball!"
by Viva April 24, 2005
To descibe something that's crazy or better than usual; originates from a type of weed that is better than normal
1. Yo! Cop that new Papoose mixtape; that shit's straight piff.

2. Roll up that piff son, that will keep you feelin real good.
by SlickChick October 14, 2006
What Bear does when he farts. And it is so cute!!!
Bear:(Piff) "Excuse me, I farted."
by TheJackel December 01, 2010
A silent or hissing type gas passing, hence the name PIFF. Hands may be used to separate buttocks in order to achieve higher level of piffiness.

Originated in New Albany, Indiana. Brought to Southern California in the early 21st century.
"To avoid embarassment, Eric turned away from his girlfriend, discreetly spread his butt cheeks and let out a PIFF rather than a loud fart."
by Regnillo Girl June 16, 2009
good quality weed also called purple haze
"I was chillin with Jon yesterday but we didn't have no piff on us, we were lookin for piff and we called you, you didn't pick up you dumbass."
by LILR11 April 11, 2008
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