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Someone who is sexually attracted to pie.
person one: god im horny
person two: yeah, i just wanna fuck a pie
person one: ....what?
person two: im piesexual
by Anthony Scott April 13, 2008
A person who takes sexual pleasure in the act of being pelted with pies during intercourse. The flavour of pie chosen varies greatly between piesexuals.
The custard stains on his wall suggested to the girl that he was deeply piesexual.
by James Almond January 09, 2007
A very misunderstood form of sexuality.

The act of achieving satisfaction through the consuming of pie alone. Use of genitals during the pietercourse is usually looked down upon, i.e. "spoiling the pie"

A relationship with such an individual is impossible, and all attempts for a human to use pie to convince the piesexual to become heterosexual or even homosexual is useless. The human generally finds themselves alone, watching the piesexual consume the pie alone.

The number of sexual partners a piesexual person has may number into the tens of thousands.
Susie: "Hey, I baked you this pie, want me to smear it all over my body so you can lick it off?

John: "NO! Just give me the pie and walk away. I don't want your nasty girly parts to ruin it!"

Susie: "Oh John, I wish you weren't so piesexual!"
by ChairiePi February 02, 2011
If you give a person pie they will get sexual
Sam-Cas, Dean is Piesexual

Cas-*lightbulb goes off*
Cas-*gets pie*
Cas-Dean I got you pie
Dean-Bed. Now.
by Dean goddamn winchester March 14, 2015
A person who prefers the more "curvy" woman, someone who lives under the (arguably false) pretense that "Big is Beautiful".
Ross: So, you hear the news? Dave is dating Chunky Kim.

Spike: Really?

Ross: Yup, official since last week.

Spike: I always knew he was a piesexual.
by KrazyBlades August 09, 2008
a form of sexuality that was created by razzle, a bunny. it all started when razzle had his first pie. he suddenly felt nothing towards girl bunnies or boy bunnies all he wanted was pie

usually when one becomes pie sexual it results in sparkles that doesn't let yous sleep and levitation of your body like superman
example of pie sexual sex
razzle: i rub the pies vigorously all over my body until i receive violent orgasms.
by gibberish123443212341234234347 March 21, 2009

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