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slang term for gangbang. Multiple penises penetrating a single person in different orifices.
That girl is a freak! She has like 6 guys over every weekend for a piercing party!
by Goat71 December 22, 2007
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When 4 or more teens/young adults (ages 15-27 normally) go out and get a part of their body pierced or tattooed.

The rules are simple.

If you go you have something done otherwise you pay for everyone's meal afterwards.

(Since its normally done in large groups the person who does not get anything done is normally called the sucker because they have to pay a HUGE bill)

Originated on the Gulf Coast.
Popular Girl: Me and the clique are haven a piercing party, wanna come?
Popular Girl2: Sure, I've been meaning to get my cartilage pierced, what about you?
Popular Girl: I'm Getting my navel done-oh and I'm getting my snake bites-FINALLY omg I can't wait!
by Kimmie-Kun August 01, 2011
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