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Piece, adj. To piece means to engage in any sexual action with a girl inolving your dick.
Yo, last night after the party i pieced up Tanya.

Hey i'm bout to piece this girl right here.

by Tysonfanatic April 13, 2009
means snog. (heavy kissing) with the use of tounges. snog
that boys proper hot. i wanna piece him!
by sexycakes123 March 04, 2009
In addition to meaning penis, gun, and misc. objects, Piece is also a an abbreviation for Dimepiece.
Did you see shawty? She was a piece.
by Seven Mile Tashia January 20, 2008
short for 'piece of shit'
you aggravate me mo, you're such a piece
by rayyan January 08, 2008
a worthless fucking loser than has no purpose in serving the world.
my nigga lou is a fucking piece
by l dubya September 30, 2007
a slang term for for the male sex organ
hey get the hell off my piece, you fuck!

putt my piece in your mouth and shut up.
by Reuben Jordan May 21, 2007
a piece is a willy (cock)
"wow look at his piece"

"u ave a small piece"

"ur mum sucked mi piece"
by fury_2k6 July 29, 2006