A pipe made of glass, random cans, or any other house-hold items. Usually used for smoking weed.
Tommy and I made a piece from an Altoid can by punching holes in it.
by Johnithon Smith May 10, 2008
To have relations with a woman; to fuck
"Yo bro did you end up piecing that thot last night?"
"Hell ya, I pieced her."
by peachy1234567 September 22, 2014
A piece is a one of a kind work of art, made of blown glass, that you can smoke pot out of. "Piece" is also an acceptable word when at a head shop and trying not to get kicked out. "Water pipe" would also be acceptable.
Ganja smoking device examples:
"Let's pack up my new piece and get stoned off our asses!"
by indiewendi January 17, 2008
A woman who is just good for sex or just ugly and sick.
Look at that fucking piece over there
by Seagull November 29, 2003
1.)A gun such as a nine-millimeter.

2.)A guys dick.

3.)A guys woman.
1.)Yo ima pop his ass with my piece.

2.)That dude has a tiny piece.

3.)Man his piece is fine as hell.
by ABALLA December 08, 2005
slang word for a penis that i've only heard used in the Mon Valley area of PA (this is located along the river in the old steel towns in the counties south of Pittsburgh)
-I've gotta take a piss. I'd better whip out my piece
-My slut told me that i had a big piece.
-Shake you piece!
by B-Ville August 24, 2005
A suffix you can use for any noun.. even proper nouns.
"My wangpiece was assaulted by that cunt at the Drive-Thru."
by JayR August 27, 2003

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