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Serves as a suffix to any noun to refer to it as a part of a whole.
What's crackalackin, Dave-piece?
by Jon Sibley November 28, 2004
A really sick bitch.
Yo that girl is a piece (piece and a half).
by Bruni November 07, 2003
Recieved when one turnes 15 and a half; giving one the right to say "get out of my piece."
Jordan: Yo Stols you get your piece in three days!
Three days later:
Stols: Yo Jordan your all up in my piece!
by Gordono October 25, 2004
a cell phone
shut off your piece man, where at rocky horror picture show
by Brenan Chambers April 08, 2004
a fuckin' gun. used to fuck someone up
Drop da' Piece nigga'
by spikybits July 08, 2005
To Suck A Guys Dick
Hey Bitch Give Me Piece!!
by Shelly December 24, 2002
to suck a guys dick
Hey Bitch Gimmie piece now!!
by Shelly December 24, 2002