In the sense of graffitti; Masterpiece.
by RED December 04, 2002
your girlfriend or boyfriend
Tha piece ova dere, he's mine.
by DarkNova December 12, 2001
-One half gram of cocaine/crack. Commonly sold for 15 to 30 dollars.
"Yo spaceghost, I'm fiendin' brotha!!! You got a twenty piece?"
by *Spaceghost* April 10, 2008
Third base. 'Getting piece' is used to describe the act of having someone finger you/give you a handjob.
"Yeah man I got piece last night"
"I really need to get some piece"
by ElectricBaby February 07, 2007
the wrong way to spell peace
some kid: there should be world piece, but there isn't because of all the peaces of shit out there.
by I hate fags July 08, 2005
n. 1. a tattoo, especially a large tattoo, or a back tattoo.
2. one section of a tattoo completed at more than one sitting
c.f. tat, ink, branding
by wayfarer May 02, 2005
verb to kiss someone using tongues
yeah, I pieced her last night
think you will get a piece off her?
by Ricky G April 08, 2005
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