to share a cigerette with someone.
sue: "hey bob can i bum a cig?"
bob: "sorry sue i only have one left, but i'll piece it with you."

"i dont feel like smoking this whole thing, wanna piece it with me?"
by lanelane February 10, 2007
comes from the word Codpiece, used as an insult, or if you are annoyed with something. can also be spelt Peace
you complete piece!!
by Malcs March 06, 2005
another way of saying penis.
"Yo dis man sucks bare piece!"
by Piraveen May 07, 2004
Pulling someone, when you do more than kiss but dont go as far as full sex.
I got a piece of him last night.

Did you piece?
by Kate January 18, 2004
your ring piece
my piece hurts after that ring of fire(see ring of fire)
by Rory March 31, 2003
In the sense of graffitti; Masterpiece.
by RED December 04, 2002
your girlfriend or boyfriend
Tha piece ova dere, he's mine.
by DarkNova December 12, 2001

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