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The term for large graffiti pieces that took time, effort, and beforehand practice and sketches. To burn or defile a 'Piece' by quickly writing something over it is dispicable in the graffiti culture.
by PAkru June 30, 2003
259 150
A person who you hold in unconditional positive regard with whom you share a relationship that purports all the benefits of marriage while simulaneously allowing all the benefits of being single.
Of course he doesn't mind if I have sex with you; he's not my boyfriend, he's my piece.
by "Piece" June 15, 2006
11 14
Short for "dime piece" (which means you are a 10 out of 10). Somebody fine as hell.
Michael Ealy is a piece!!
by Beautifully Me July 05, 2005
11 14
Graffiti; not just writing your name but actual piece of art done on a wall for example, a mural, or someone tagging up with big bubble letters or a 3-D outline.
You have to be really good with cans if you do pieces, otherwise they look like crap.
by emoc December 22, 2004
3 6
Piece is a term commonly used for the penis.
"she got shook of my hench piece"
by superstu November 20, 2004
9 12
Piece can mean pistol, gun, or any other firearm. It also means a good work of art done by a graffiti artist.
Aw shit man, he better not have his piece in his locker, they're having a check today.

After the battle last night, there are now two beautiful pieces sprayed on the wall.
by Penguin August 22, 2004
6 9
A gun, but often referring more to a mans personal "gun" or sex organ, this is widely used as a substitute for dick and penis
1. I was ridin this girl at a may party, and she bust out and bite my piece, so i fuckin ripped her earing right outa her ear.
2. I was workin my groove at a straight club, and this guy starts feelin up my piece, so I bust him in the jaw and tell him to get his faggoty ass off on another homo.
3. Me and Reggie Ray were ridin eachoter, and it was my turn on bottom, and he reach around and grab my piece, an I was like what the fuck, are you a fuckin fairy ass faggot, get the fuck off, but not the way you be thinkin.
by thrunk May 04, 2004
3 6
a piece can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on what/who you're talking about

-something thats awesome or looks good
-someone who has a fairly original personality
-someone who is a crackup
-someone who is dumb

many think a piece is short for piece of shit--which its not so anybody who thought that is a fucking dumbass and needs to be shot
-Dude, look at that mustang! That car's a piece!
-Yeah, I know that kid. He's cool. Kid's a piece.
-Ugh, i hate him. That kids just a piece.
by Nicole March 22, 2004
23 26