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The term for large graffiti pieces that took time, effort, and beforehand practice and sketches. To burn or defile a 'Piece' by quickly writing something over it is dispicable in the graffiti culture.
by PAkru June 30, 2003
1.A pipe

2.A piece of shit
1.Yo can I borrow your piece?

2.That car is a piece.
by maximus75 February 16, 2009
1. Gun, gat, fire, etc.
2. Bowl with which to smoke weed from.
3. Penis
1. That nigga'd best drop that piece, 'else the PoPo will arrest his black ass!
2. Hey man, why don't you let me hit that piece.
3. Hey put his piece in her, causing much fun.
by i rock your face off November 07, 2005
To share a cigarette since none of our broke ass motherfucking asses can afford a goddamn pack of cigarettes.
"Ay, you wanna piece a cigarette?"
"Can I piece your girlfriend?"
"Fuck you."
by TuanTuan October 31, 2005
Portion or something, or a penis.
1.I'm missing a piece of my puzzle!
2.That girl likes to suck the piece.
by SuperSonicX September 18, 2005
bling bling, long chain
imma get this piece off my neck so i can take a shower
by g unit soulja September 11, 2004
(1)Gun, Knife (any handheld weapon)
(2)Marijuana Pipe (usually glass)
(4)gettin some azz
(1) Ima get my piece and waste yo azz!
(2) Let me get my piece and we finna smoke a bowl.
(3)U c my piece up on harlem?
(4)i hit that piece last night playa
by The Gunslinger April 20, 2004
Ghetto terminology for any type of firearm.
"Check out my piece! It's a fourty-five!"
by Dave January 14, 2004