a piece of crap food thats so dry, it tastes like youre eating dirt.
mom:hey honey, would you like son pie?
son:no thanks, that stuff tastes like sh1t!
by alexander orlando November 14, 2007
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Dated back in 1221 A.C. the first Pie was made in replication of a cows poop. cow pie was the inspiration to create the pumpkin pie, the shape and form has cultivated itself to modern times with various types of pies. Pie was meant to be eaten with your hands until it has been later decided that eating a pie straight from baking deemed too hot. Now they are used with utensils to protect the consumer.
Damn, that pie was good. #pieLyfe
by haaj November 27, 2016
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verb: to pie

The act of eating pie
Shall we pie Thursday lunch Emilia?
by nikkithewall June 11, 2013
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another way of saying 'phone sex' so parents will not understand what you are takling about doing on the phone

also phrases like: 1) "im hungry for some pie" can mean that someone is horny and wants some phone sex

2) "heat up the oven because we are going to eat pie soon" can mean we should start flirting so i can get in the mood

3) "Im not hungry" or "im full" can mean you are not interested in having phone sex at that time

4) "i feel fat" can mean you feel like a slut because you have phone sex much to often
Sarah "hey andy, i think we should eat some pie later..im getting kinda hungry"

Andy "ooh, ok. When should we start to pre-heat the oven?"

Sarah "now, im starving"
by SarahPOW2 July 21, 2011
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when someone would get a "pie", they would get anything from you sex wise. this can be used in comparison to someone not as worth for "pie" as to be a tester. testers like the "try before you buy" in Tesco's. So if someone is a try before you buy, you're not commiting to a full pie but simply testing. A full pie is where you are definately sure they are worthy of your whole body.
Emily said to hannah, "hes bum, he can have a slice of my pie" hannah replied with "i'd prefer to try before you buy, then buy the whole pie". The boy looked at them confuzed.
by lololololx3 January 30, 2011
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a person that is acting pussy
man 1: lets go to that party
man 2: naw man im good
man 1: stop actin pie
by F###djt May 15, 2017
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A very wealthy, upper-class person. Can be a male or female. Males are mainly always dressed in button-downs followed by a cashmere sweater vest and prada shoes, Females can be seen wearing fur vests and Jimmy-Choos. They have no regard for people around them just primarily their blackberrys and IPhone 4S's. They mostly always have shit looks on their faces and will growl at you if you cut them in line at Starbucks for their daily Triple Grande Espresso, or cut them off in the parking lot at Bagels-4-U.
Person 1: Bro, do you see his shoes?
Person 2: PRADA!? Dude, pie.
by NathyLight November 13, 2011
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