PIE, n. (pi) Of Italian or Sicilian origin.

A circular yeast risen platter of kneaded wheat flour dough, varied in sizes from 4" to 40" in diameter, either thin tossed NY style or thick pan CHI style, covered with spicy tomato sauce or BBQ sauce and smothered with varied cheeze products (da mo' da bedda)

Next it is LOADED with your personal choice of toppings; pepperoni, Italian Sausage (sweet or hot or both), salami, smoked sausage, kielbasa, bratwurst, weisswurst, knockwurst, cut up slim jims, beef jerky, ground beef, fajita beef, nacho beef, carne asada, carne al pastor, barbacoa, taco meat, gyros meat, ground pork, breakfast sausage, boiled ham, baked ham, virginia cured ham, capaccola, procuitto, jerk pork, BBQ pulled pork, carnitas, turkey sausage, duck sausage, peking duck, poached chicken, fried chicken, fajita chicken, jerk chicken, BBQ chicken, anchovies, tofu, bell pepper, peppercini, jalapenos, chipotles in adobo, habeneros, banana peppers, red onion, white onion, green onion, scallions, shallots, leeks, vine ripe tomato, green tomato, sun dried tomato, button mushrooms, shitake mushrooms, crimini, portabello's (or is that portobelli?), Zucchini, ripe black olives, cured kalamata olives, green manzanilla olives, pineapple, dill pickle chips, sweet pickle chips, crumbled potato chips, tortilla chips, smunched doritos, fritos, fun-yum's, or pork rinds. (when ALL of the above are included on a Pie of 30" or larger, it is known as a Scotty Special or a Sasquach, like cheeze, when it comes to toppings, da mo' da bedda) Then it is baked in an oven fired by gas, electricity or wood. Finally it can be cut into an indeterminate number of slices or left intact, sprinkled with numerous fresh or dried herbs and/or parmesan and/or romano cheeze.

It is either served there or boxed for pick-up or delivery to a private residence or business. there may be delivery radius restrictions and a fee involved for delivery, and you may encounter wait times up to and including several hours. Manga, Enjoy!

Remember Scottys Pie Principal; DA MO' DA BEDDA!!
Phoebe; Honey, I'm starved, wanna order a pie?
Pete; Yeah, big one, NY style 'squach it!


Pete; Brrrrraaaaaappppp!! 'scuse me baby.
Phoebe; That pie was like an orgasm on a crust!!!
Eat a mint!
by S.W.A.T. Sniper May 10, 2007
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Top Definition
1. A food item consisting of a fruit buried under a crust and baked in an oven. Served in slices. Very popular at parties.

2. A word that can be used to answer any question known to man, and can be an excuse if you do not know the answer to the question.

3. A random word to shout for no particular reason at all. Great in moments of silence.
1. Mary baked me a cherry pie. How sweet.

2. What's the answer to number 1?
uhh . . . pie?

3. PIE!!!
by NessTheHero March 28, 2004
YOUR LORD AND MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!! Pie is the thread that holds this world together! You shall obey the pie, or suffer the consequences!!
PIE! Sweet glorious pie!!
by Lieutenant Tarpit October 22, 2004
A food given to us mortal beings by the Gods themselves. Usually consists of a circular pastry filled with anything from chocolate to blackbirds. Could be compared to a quiche with a pastry lid but quiches are for posh French people whereas pies are universally accepted by anyone. Can also be used as a weapon when thrown. Associated with fat people.
"I like pie and I cannot deny!"
"Give me that pie you fat fucker!"
"You fucking clown if you throw that pie at me I will shove those oversized boots up ur fucking ass!"
"Oi you fatty, cut down on the pies!"
by ]{i77 January 20, 2004
A female, or female sex organ, as in "pussy pie".
Dude let's go get us some pie.
by Joe Bone March 07, 2005
Reference to female genitalia!
'dont be shy... show us ya pie!'
by Pasty! September 13, 2005
The greatest edible entity currently known to man.
Ahh, I just had some pie. It was better than sex.
by Asiafan July 28, 2003
The ruler of all things living and dead

other guy: OMFG PIE!

by PIE!!!1 May 16, 2006
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