The greatest edible entity currently known to man.
Ahh, I just had some pie. It was better than sex.
by Asiafan July 28, 2003
1. Pizza. Known also as za.
2. Mouth, when teamed with hole.
3. A tasty delicious treat filled with wonderful good things, one of Homer Simpson's favorite 'zerts.
1. Uno's makes the best pie.
2. Shut your pie hole.
3. Mmmmm, pie.
by Pie Lady August 10, 2005
A kilo of cocaine. Terminology used by crack addicts or drug dealers.
Gotta bake some pies for the fiends.
by Em January 31, 2005
The All Powerful Ruler Of The World!!!
Pie Will Kick Your Ass!!!
by Chris January 18, 2005
a slang term for vagina
1.Why is the song called three point one four?

2. Three point one four is 3.14 which is pi, and the term they reference is actually pie, because the song is about vaginas.
by Emperorx100 December 10, 2008
The world's greatest food, especially enjoyed by party goers.
1) "Dude! This party sucks! There's no pie! Whaddup wid that?"

2) "Hey can you come to my party this friday?"
"Will there be pie?"
"Of course."
"I'm there!"
by Cloalo February 09, 2008
Subject of botched business metaphors
You need to look at both sides of the pie

My contribution? I've taken his bit and her bit all together in one pie

Yes the pay's the same, but you'll be getting a slice from a bigger pie.

Well if I take your pie and his pie, and put them all into the same pie, and we cut our pie into slices based on scale, we end up with more pie for all of us.
by TreeWeezel April 06, 2011
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