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a special day celebrated by dorks around the world on 3/14 because of the mathematical value of pi, or 3.14 (shortened).
Hey man, since it's Pie Day, why don't you make me a pie?!
by BELLALA March 14, 2012
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Having pussy all day, getting laid all day, having sex all day.
Gay Slang:/= pieday
Ok so this suckass emo pop punk band asked to be friends off myspace there was a reply sent to them, a letter telling them " I think your music is horrible" stuff like that and they replied back haha this is funny ok her it is "Hey dude. That's cool. We appreciate not all bands can be as cool/gay. And really, our name is not "dumber anything" cause you're clearly the most dumbass thing about. Have a nice pieday.
by Exstazjian September 17, 2006
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