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a complete shit hole of a town where the residents are all homeless and have 3 teeth. the Pictonite (a Pictonite is a person who lives in Picton) version of a tv is a washing machine and most of all the teenagers are lads and ladette wannabes. drugs play a big part in all the residents lives.
dude 1 : wtf is wrrong with that guy?????!!!!!!!
dude 2 : he's from picton
dude 1 : ohhhhhhh that explains the smell...
by pictonite1234 January 10, 2012
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to go into a big temper and attack people with bloodshot eyes
daniel threw a picton at laura
A poor person; one who continually asks for change
A person asking for change "Man, that guy is such a Picton"
by thaneus May 20, 2007

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