When you "bang" someone and stick them in the freezer shortly after.
Dude A: Dude, last night did you get any?

Dude B: Ya man, I pulled a pickton last night.

Dude A: Ok.
by foodshouldbefree August 04, 2009
Top Definition
The art of deceptively retaining the services of a prostitute whilst planning his or her (more commonly her) demise. Typically, one would use the prostitute for their services and dispose of them immediately thereafter. Although, in some cases one would simply seek out a prostitute for the sole purpose of disposing of them. In either case, said disposal should take place at a pig farm.

While there may be an initial investment required, such as a retainer fee charged by said prostitute, this fee is typically returned to the customer after disposal. The only costs incurred by a customer should be for the following:
-gas to drive to and from the pig farm
-a shovel
-a bag of lime
Hooker: Hey there cutie, you lookin' for a good time?
Pickton wannabe: Yea, hop in.
Hooker: Where are you taking me?
Pickton wannabe: To a farm.

The End.
by FunkyAlbertan December 28, 2011
A pig farmer who murdered 50 prostitutes
Don't go with Pickton, you won't come back, hon.
by daniel francis October 25, 2007
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