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A man that enjoys it when another mans penis is in his mouth.
Justin Timberlake is a Pickle Kisser.
by Dr. Brownthumb May 28, 2008
18 15
Slang term for a homosexual male.
Andy Dick is such a fucking pickle kisser it makes me sick!
by MustangGT September 26, 2005
742 559
A man who is sexually attracted to and/or has sex with a man.
Dan plays for the other team... He's a pickle kisser.
by NeBoi May 29, 2006
90 23
A slang term for a homosexual.
Mark and Bob are total pickle kissers...did you see Mark pat Bob on the ass at lunch today?
by Sideshow worm November 28, 2007
51 16
Slang for homosexual.
Rob, for years I've suspected that you were a picklekisser...well the fact that you just tried to get with me pretty much confirms it. Go join a gym, dude!
by bangboy December 30, 2009
11 0