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a man who actively looks for men to pick up.
This pickle sniffer wouldn't stop staring at my boyfriend.
by dee October 01, 2004
82 21
Male homosexual
That Michael Kinkor is such a pickle sniffer, we can't take him anywhere without him chatting up other colon cowboys.
by Alfredikus Lamikus July 03, 2003
55 19
A gay man
He seemed to us, by his actions and conversation, to be a Pickle Sniffer.
by December 18, 2008
23 6
Noun. A lighthearted term for the male homosexual who loves to sniff his partner's pecker just before stuffing it into his mouth.
1. noun - Big Gay Mr. Bobbi is a clearly a picklesniffer.
2. gerund - Camel dreams of picklesniffing with Phil, but Phil's not gay.
3. verb - Ben picklesniffs with Mr. Bobbi after every round of golf.
4. adjective - Wade has picklesniffer breath.
by Todd Robinson August 06, 2007
5 2