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a man who actively looks for men to pick up.
This pickle sniffer wouldn't stop staring at my boyfriend.
by dee October 01, 2004
Male homosexual
That Michael Kinkor is such a pickle sniffer, we can't take him anywhere without him chatting up other colon cowboys.
by Alfredikus Lamikus July 03, 2003
A gay man
He seemed to us, by his actions and conversation, to be a Pickle Sniffer.
by Marcstar57820808@yahoo.com December 18, 2008
Noun. A lighthearted term for the male homosexual who loves to sniff his partner's pecker just before stuffing it into his mouth.
1. noun - Big Gay Mr. Bobbi is a clearly a picklesniffer.
2. gerund - Camel dreams of picklesniffing with Phil, but Phil's not gay.
3. verb - Ben picklesniffs with Mr. Bobbi after every round of golf.
4. adjective - Wade has picklesniffer breath.
by Todd Robinson August 06, 2007