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The display of one's semi erect junk out the window of a volkswagon passat.
Steve, "Joe, perform your famous pickle popper trick."

Joe, "No way, this ain't no Passat!"

Steve, "Fine, simply pinwheel or wave steak you stubborn bastard"
by Job Pilson July 15, 2008
A girl puts a mouthful of vinegar into her mouth, then puts and dick in her mouth, waits for the ejaculation to happen and then swallows it all.
"Your mom gave me a Pickle Popper last night and it was not pretty"
by AwesomeDude2015 April 07, 2016
When having sex with a female, the female puts vinegar in her mouth, sucks the males dick and swallows the sperm and vinegar all in one.
"Picked up a Russian hooker in my car last night, she did the Pickle Popper and accidentally gagged, it went everywhere"
by AwesomeDude2015 April 08, 2016
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