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the act of doing an excess of tasks in order to do something else.
"dude i've been picking cotton all day just so i can go out tonight"
by ryan boyd November 03, 2007
The act of to pulling your underpants out of your ass crack or fixing yourself after being the recipient of a wedgie.
I named this tight leopard print thong "Master" because it keeps me picking cotton all day.
by Dick Thimble October 18, 2010
picking up white girls (if you're a black guy)
- yo Tyrone, wat u did last saturday nite, dawg?
- I was in da club, picking cotton.
by UrbanPrick January 04, 2012
the act of being rediculously drunk; the remaining moments of conciousness before passing out
Friend "Hey, are you drunk?!"
You "Nahhh, I was drunk an hour ago. Now I'm picking cotton"

by Frederikson c304 January 29, 2006