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Boring little city. However, no matter how much people hate Pickerington, they are still thankful not to be living in Reynoldsburg. People who live there are also constantly mocked for being better then evryone everything.
Friend "Man i hate living in Pickerington"

Friend 2 "But at least you dont live in Reynoldsburg. Look on the bright side, by living here, you are better by association"
by We are better then you May 09, 2005
95 37
A bunch of people who do a lot of picking and a grining.
pickerington student: "I met my wife at the family reunion"
by Meg March 11, 2005
25 53
A bunch of hillbillies who's parents are too cheap to let them play sports.
"Did you hear how pickerington actually played last week?"
by Meg March 11, 2005
28 70