1) A trumpet tuned an octave above the normal B flat trumpet's range. Has 1/2 the tubing of a normal trumpet and a fourth valve.
2) The only instrument more awesome than the trumpet; not to be confused with the piccolo, the only instrument harder to tune and shriller than the flute.
Paul McCartney: Bollocks! Penny Lane has so much potential, but it needs something....
-hears piccolo trumpet playing Bach-
McCartney: I've got it!

Trumpet player: I wish I could play the piccolo trumpet, but I am not worthy of it's awesomeness.
Piccolo player: You could play piccolo instead!
Trumpet player: You could play piccolo well.
-Piccolo player bludgeons Trumpet player to death with her piccolo-
by arroganttrumpetplayer137 December 07, 2010

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