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1. A member of an online forum who constantly seeks out opportunities to post pictures from his or her life, often with little relation to the topic of the thread.

2. Also used to describe a member who posts 10+ pictures for the requested topic when clearly only 1 was needed.
Hey, Gangsta-X, stop being such a pic whore, nobody cares to see 15 photos of your broke ass ride!
by tinkfist January 01, 2008
picwhore (verb): to post pictures of oneself on an internet forum in an attempt to draw attention to oneself, usually done by lonely nerds with no friends to fish for comments from other lonely nerds with no friends

picwhore (noun): one who picwhores
DF: poast pix
HG: hehehe here's a pic of me straddling a chair do you guys like
Lb: omg she is soooooo hot
MC: no she is a picwhore


JH: *posts pictures of self*
LJ: you look like you're going to eat the cameraman
JH: *posts another pic* how about in this one?
LJ: you still look like you're going to eat the cameraman
JH: *posts another pic* do i really look like that???
LJ: stop picwhoring JH, you aren't going to change my opinion
by Bonnie Pruitt June 30, 2010
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