hands with features of those who have played piano for a long time.

usually characteristics of long skinny fingers, hands look delicate and womanly.

usually seen on nerdy asian guys. a definite turnoff for girls.
"Oh my god. Did you see the guy in the first row? Ewwww... he has piano hands."
by pinkxbubboo February 11, 2008
Top Definition
Hands with long and particularly strong fingers, the result of years piano practice.
I couldn't pry that cookie away from her once she got hold of it with those piano hands.
by Uncle_Doug June 02, 2006
The abnormally large hands of a musician, typically one who plays the piano. Can also pertain to the hands of a musician who plays an instrument requiring a wide physical reach such as guitar or bass. Note: hands must be freakishly huge and may only be called piano hands if the specimen is musically inclined. That's right, we know who you are, impostors. . .
Derek: How is it even possible that you can pick up that watermelon with one hand?

Dave: Piano hands, dude. Piano hands. . .
by Pi@noguy January 08, 2011
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