March 14, the day when MIT hopefuls get slaughtered by the slew of rejections
College Forum:

m32smith: its pi day everyone, MIT decisions are out : )

chingchong41: REJECTED
2400 SAT
5.00 GPA
Tennis Captain
Intel Finalist

Oh noes!! I shame my family, my parents beat me!

wingwang99: This isnt good....
by manhandle March 14, 2010
a day celebrated by math geeks across the world on march 14th
Nerd #1: Hey, did you know that the first 50 digits of pi are 3.141 592 6535 8979 323 84 6264 3383 2795 0288 4197 169 3993 751?

Nerd #2: Shut up, I know the first 1,000. Try it next pi day.
by mw23224 March 14, 2007
Everyone should eat pie on Pi day.
I eat pie on pi day.
by Primal Secret March 18, 2007
3.14 is pi so it's celebrated on march 14 (3/14) It's like 4/20 but for math geeks.
John: Yay its Pi Day!
Terry: Dude, you're a tool to math.
by *Molly* March 15, 2007
Pi Day is when the countdown to 4-20 starts. It is exactly 37 days away from this point. And for those who do not know what 4-20 is, look it up :]
it's pi day! 37 days left til 420
by itschelsaybby April 02, 2007
a day thats been called pi day cause of the 3rd month on the 14th day. most men don't care cause its steak and BJ day
Piggy: 3.14! todays Pi day!
Jack: shut up fatty! I should be gettin a blowin from my lovely wife today! stick that in your "Pi" and smoke it!
by alex234 March 14, 2007

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