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Apparently it's a line used in the film Juno as an interjection, because Phuket kinda sounds like 'Fuck it'. However, Phuket, which is an island in Thailand, is actually pronouced Pu-kêt, so all in all, it's a stupid expression.
A: I have herpes.
B: Phuket Thailand!
C: Wait what?
by tfsp12 August 10, 2008
Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand, located in the Andaman Sea off southern Thailand.
guy1: whens the next flight to phuket thailand ?
guy2: i dont know but lets get on the earliest flight! i want some 5 dolla thai massage.
guy1: souki souki 5 dolla mmmm tasty
by UndeadDog August 11, 2008
no it is none of these
phuket thailand is a island in thailand.

in juno she just read phuket thailand so said it
guy = where are we going?
girl = phuket thailand
by t charm August 10, 2008
Another dumbass pseudo-colloquialism invented by the whore who wrote Juno.
Oh my god! Nobody has ever in history said "phuket thailand" without getting punched in the twat!
by Cap_Ap August 10, 2008
"Phuket" kind of sounds like Fuck it, so saying Phuket Thailand is just a funny way of saying it.

Girl:"I'm pregnant and it's yours."
Guy: "Phuket Thailand, no way!"
by denise77 January 20, 2008
a word used to express absolute astonishment!
(from JUNO)
Juno: I'm pregnant.
Leah: Oh my God! Phuket Thailand!
by Tess Connellan March 22, 2008
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