A shop that sells impromptu photos of other people
Customer: Hello , can I please have a solid gold malteaser
Shop Worker: This is a photoshop sir
by Vexets April 15, 2007
Great for making images and/or smooth text titles. Although Paint Shop Pro 7 is better at giving the text special effects.
I use photoshop often.
by B-Drac September 06, 2003
Verb: Another way to say "rape" without sounging to harsh.
In law:
Your under arrest for photoshoping

As a threat:
I will photoshop your children
by Matt norrison November 10, 2006
software app that "real" designers use...
"haha that stupid shit learnt how to use photoshop but he still has no conception of what pantone reflex blue is! some designer!"
by teevee June 09, 2003
A program created to lure wannabe artists into it to exploit its powers.
Photoshop: The artist magnet.
by Eddy Ed September 08, 2005

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