A thing for little emos to draw on there selfs with and make there photos look as spacked up as possible
jason rocks girls socksx says: wow hot pic man
dan the dudeyou broke my heart no try and fix it says: yer but it could look soooo much better
jason rocks girls socksx says: how?
dan the dudeyou broke my heart no try and fix it says: photoshop duhh!
jason rocks girls socksx says:omfg yeahhh
dan the dudeyou broke my heart no try and fix itsays: Im gonna draw a broken heart on my cheek
jason rocks girls socksx says: omg thats sad =( but real cute and hot
jason rocks girls socksx says:lets make out
dan the dudeyou broke my heart no try and fix itsays: but your a guy
jason rocks girls socksx says:yea gays so turn girls on
dan the dudeyou broke my heart no try and fix itsays:
oh alright
dan the dudeyou broke my heart no try and fix itsays: after ive photoshoped this pic
by rosesaysyourgay August 09, 2006
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A program made by Adobe used to manipulate images.

Also a term for an image manipulated with the software, which is usually a combination of two or more unrelated images.
Dude, he photoshopped Hitler's face onto Clinton's body! That is totally ninja!
by Legato February 18, 2003
Something used to make ugly people average looking.
Girl: like omg i jus photoshop'd my acne covered, ranomd strangers online will think i'm pretty!
by CaptSTFU January 02, 2007
#1) noun. Arguebly the highest-quality and most versatile graphics design/editing software on the market. Highly expensive, but having nonetheless seen widespread use across the 'net (partly due to Kazaa's influence.

#2) verb. To "photoshop" an image is to generally merge or edit the picture's qualities, typically with Adobe Photoshop. Has now crept into common usage to describe any images (especially photographs) that've been edited (This term was originally used in reference to Photoshop.)
Guy: "I finally recieved my order of Adobe Photoshop in the mail today. Dang, I feel lucky"
Other guy: "You *brought* yours? Damn man, I just d/loaded a hacked Photoshop Warez from Kazaa. w00t!"
by Alhadis June 24, 2004
N. - Photoshop is an extremely expensive, but very effecting image editting and manipulating program. It is used by many major companies to produce high-quality graphics. Photoshop is made by Adobe, the makers of Acrobat Reader. Photoshop is very difficult to use and requires some major skill. You can get started with tutorials at many sites.

V. - To photoshop is to edit an image, or manipulate it to look different, usually used when a picture looks totally different from the original version.
N. - Photoshop is the best image edditing software out there.

V. - I just photoshopped that image to look like it was sunny.
by Matt Goodman December 30, 2005
verb. "to photoshop"

To fabricate digitally using Adobe Photoshop or a digital image-editing software. This verb is usually used by amatures.
"Whoa, is that picture real or is it photoshopped?"

"I'm going to photoshop a hat on this picture"
by thinkamc December 09, 2003
An image editing program made by Adobe corporation.
I did this artistic masterpiece with cheap photoshop effects.
by AYB February 18, 2003
An advanced image editing application made by Adobe which is available on Windows and Mac. Its first version was made in 1988. It's probably been pirated by basically everyone who has it installed on their computer.
Who the heck would buy Photoshop? It costs like $700.
by rfrsiopgjdog January 06, 2015
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