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The quality of being pretty in real life but not photographing well.
This girl is so photogeneric: her facebook photo does not do her justice.
by Javier Cabezas April 04, 2008
1) The subject takes a large amount of selfies to the point where you cannot differentiate between pictures.
2) The subject neither is notably photogenic or particulary fugly.
A: "Charlotte's always posting pics of herself on facebook."
B: "I know, she's so photogeneric."
by jdawg86 September 13, 2013
Someone that is not "photogenic" yet they insist on taking new Profile Pictures of themselves
Person1: What are you doing?
Person2: Taking a new Profile Picture
Person1: Just stop
Person2: But...
Person1: NO, just stop. You are totally Photogeneric
Person2: I am so mean!
Person1: Ya shut up no one cares
by glenjamin87 June 23, 2010
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