boning on the phone
Hey baby hey, you cool with phoning later? If not I'll prob just call your friend Becky.
by Detective Kernel August 14, 2011
Top Definition
Using the numbers on phones to decode curse words

Ex: 286 = cum
I'm gonna 2-8-6 all over your face! That's right, I'm gonna 2-8-6 all over your face!
by Mister D October 18, 2004
The act of inserting your finger into a hole of a man's/woman's body (doesn't matter what hole it is) and saying: "E.T. phone home".
I was phoning that hot crowdsurfer at the concert yesterday.
by Onset_Of_Putrefaction August 18, 2013
What happens when you're stapling something and the staple doesn't completely penetrate to the other side of the document, resulting in a staple that has ends bent looking like a wired phone.
Loretta, could I get a better stapler please? This one keeps phoning on me!
by pentozali May 23, 2007
The act of throwing mass quantities at a person; Similiar to that of medieval stoning.
"Hey, what's with the bruises?"
"Kerry was phoning me earlier."
by D~Ren May 28, 2005
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