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A term that means "Fake Irish" or "Wannabe Irish" concering and person who wants to be Irish but is not or an american bar that wants to be like an irish pub but is not. It is made up of the two word "Phony" which means fake and "Mahoney" which is a common Irish last name.
Man: That american pub on the up the street is such a Phoney Mahoney!
by Popgun129 March 12, 2005
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a false irish bar manufactured for caucasians to consume vast quantities of liquor in.
Man, why do you go to Johnny O'Hagans in Chicago, it is such a phoney mahoney
by Chad Udell April 30, 2003
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A fake ass lier that lies so much he thinks it is true, does every thing wrong in the book but will never be in trouble for it, laughs at nothing and like a retard, takes credit for something he didnt do, a tall goofy looking

Hey, you pulled a phoney mahoney
by tooth fairy March 16, 2006
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