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The act of taking a flip-phone and flipping the top part on someones face, slapping them.
Ouch! Why did you just phoneslap me?
by Krystennnnnnnn June 09, 2008
The Act of Slapping someone with a flip phone That Can Flip With a Button
Slapper: Dude Check out What My Phone Can Do!

Victim: What Can it Do!?

Slapper: "Phone Slap" *Slap*

Victim: Asshole!
by Arnold AWESOME! January 08, 2009
the act of opening your phone onto someones face.

*smack* wow! your gay, dont phone slap me!

"Dude what happened to your face?"
"Josh phone slapped me this morning"
by Kyle bitch!! November 13, 2007

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