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when two people talk on the phone moaning or texting.
i was up all night havin phone sex with dis hot chick!
by Dinosaur2 December 11, 2008
33 43
With A's ear pressed firmly against the headset, and B's penis pounding their headset, person B's penis will majiklee enter the head of person A, giving them, quite literally, a mindfucking experience.
T O T A L H E A D F U C K is teh fonezseckz
by Gumba Gumba April 13, 2004
45 121
To pleasure oneself anally or vaginally with a telecommunications device.
Mr. Norcross-Jesus christ, why does the phone smell like arse?
Scott- Ben was doing teh phone sex again!
by Spenser P December 01, 2005
65 149
Ensurance that you are pretty much the lamest person on the earth.
What kids who can't afford the internet/get real girlfriends do.
your mom is so lame- she has phone sex
by kati! October 19, 2005
50 165
it's when phone fuckers ram the telephone receiver up their snatch or their arse
ew! phone sex is gross
by damn phone fuckers October 29, 2004
43 178