the person who you give your phone and/or other belongings to when you want to mosh/dance at a gig. usually has zip pockets.
before i gorilla dance and floorpunch i better give my shit to the phone bitch!
by jesusx August 23, 2005
Top Definition
girl who does not pick up the phone or rejects incoming calls
She's a phone bitch and has the nerve to deny it.
by flatbush June 24, 2007
phone sex operator generally wieghing over 350 puonds and covered in hair pimples and various other liesions and infections with 5 to 8 kids by different fathers all in prison usually takes calls at home from thier trailer
i was bored one night and called a phonebitch who sounded hot but much to my surprise she had 7 kids zits and wieghed over 400 pounds
by waldenfire14 March 10, 2010
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