A way to blow someone off, without them knowing what the fuck you are talking about.
You might have to phone me on that one.
by 1-800-Phone-Me December 09, 2002
An object that you can stick up leopards' noses and not die from the resulting attacks.
The phone is ringing off the hook, so Joe stuck it up Def Leppard's noses and they all thought it was a good idea to chop down cherry trees.
by Barry Trotter March 14, 2007
Used as a verb, the word "phone" simply means talked on the phone.

Instead of telling somebody "call me", the phrase "phone me" is more precise. You can call somebody on the phone, but that doesn't mean they answered and you talked with them. Telling somebody to phone them means you want themt to talk to you on the phone.

Origin: I made it up

1. He did Phone her
He talked to her on the phone
2. They phoned
They talked on the phone
by maullster April 08, 2009
big, black, and noisy, in other words/A.K.A. the devils favorite tool
i shot the damn phone since it woke up the neighbors
by banunus March 08, 2004
To tell someone to fuck off; yeah yeah; shaddap; piss off; stop buggin me
mom says something annoying...you say "PHONE" and blink lots
by Stuff Me December 09, 2002
the new word for cool, hott, ect...
"that place is so phone"
"look at that phone ass"
by grantbeau February 06, 2005
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