1.)An appliance used for communication between two or more people not within talking range.
2.)Used as a substitution for 'call'
1.) Telemarketer: "Hello, If you would give me a minute to tell you about our new offer-" You: *shoots phone*

2.) "I have to phone Catelyn!"
by Freak Obscene April 17, 2004
Object low lifes use while pondering what to do with their day while trying to contact the friends they dont have that are already partying it up without them.
Man this phone is bunk. No one likes me
by Katie gay June 12, 2010
Personal Hand Operated Networking Equipment

Cell phones and smart phones are more than simple telephones yet we still call them phones. Rather than suggesting a new name I suggest an acronym. Have a better one?
Hand me my personal hand operated networking equipment (phone) so I can call your sister.

My personal hand operated networking equipment (phone) won't stop ringing because your mom keeps calling.
by jermee619 September 30, 2011
Slang for a woman's breasts
Hey Paulie check out the massive phones on that broad!
by Ceps February 02, 2011
Used as a verb. Many people replace it with "call or calling".
I am going to phone the post office.
by Steven Morris August 25, 2003
A device used to entertain one person while completely destroying the mood of the situation in social situations
The party was great until Lisa pulled her phone out.
by Batmanmanman July 03, 2013
old style headphones that cover the entire ear
plug in my phones and listen to some tunes
by Iowna Uass August 14, 2008

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