a person who talks or texts someone as if there cupcaking or going to be all over the person the next time he or she sees the person. but dosent and plays dumb.. all talk no touch.
girl-"your soooo cute i cant wait to see you tomorrow(:"
boy-"whatr we gonna do?"
girl- "anything you want boo"
boy- "ohhhhhh(:"

and when they see eachother they act as if this convo didnt take place. they dont know how to act.

the female is the phone whore in this situation.
by livy deeeee January 16, 2012
Top Definition
someone who talks on the phone way too much
dakotahs on the phone again... what a phone whore
by JToTha September 11, 2005
one who goes through new phones like a teenage girl goes through boyfriends.
kasie: are you serious! joey got another new phone, that's his third phone this month!
iveta: ugh he's such a phone whore.
kasie: indeed.
by Joey Kelner April 07, 2008
One who depends on their phone for every last thing. Needs to be in constant contact via texting, calling, and our social networking at all given times of the day. Who does not spend time doing anything without their phone. Simply, does not know how to go on with life without it glued to their hands 24\7
Phone whore.
by inkkd August 17, 2014
When a person, most commonly a teenage girl, talks very often on her phone and flirting in a ridiculous, corny way.
The girl named Katherine is considerred a major phone whore because she moaned and made orgasmic sounds for attention on the phone after talking for 2 hours to Miguel.
by Joaquin Prat September 14, 2006
A person who would much rather talk for endless amount of hours over then phone then to talk on any instant messenger.

Usually freaks out when you say you're going to go.

See: Jason K*
See: Phone Fetish
Jason is a phone whore. (:

Jason K*"Omg pick up your phone!"
"Pick up your phone!"

"Omg, tell me the stubble story over the phone, mk? Please?"

Me: "Alright, I'm going to go.."
by 'Cid A Tabs August 10, 2008
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