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A girl (or a guy but guys are more action less talk) who likes to talk mad smack over the phone but is not really that hard. She usually sounds like a whiny b*tch who talks alot but apparently has never heard of the saying, "Those who are real bad... move in silence". Generally speaking all her threats and abuse simply comes over the phone. She will talk alot, but then when confronted, well... simply does not answer. She is usually angry about being played.
On phone:
Girl: "The best part of this is... I won't get caught... He will be somewhere in the forest with no fingers... just trust in that. Imma drive all day over some stupid internet shit cuz I got played."
Girl 2: "Uhmm... True.." *Dude... this girl is a phone soldier!*

by To You Victor Mary February 22, 2008
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