a girl who sounds hot on the phone, but in person makes you throw up in your mouth. Reference: butterface
that girl sounded hot but when i saw her that bitch had phone face!
by zackburns86 February 15, 2008
Top Definition
A person who consistently has a phone in their face; texting, posting, checking status updates, checking email, etc...
Hey phone face, are you ever going to come over here and hit the bong?
by manakill February 28, 2012
The unusual faces people make in public when looking at their phone while texting, reading their incoming call history, or checking their voicemail. This face is exaggerated when the person is checking their phone in a poorly lit area.
"He just texted me back, lemme look." she makes a phoneface while checking the text message.
by 5zerocool March 28, 2010
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