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"For Sure". Means you really, really, really, wanna do something/someone.
I'ma heff this sam'ich like iz da bess puss eva, pho sho!
#for sure #fo sho #heff #sam'ich #da bess
by Golden1 May 13, 2008
Related to 'Fo Sho' and 'For Sure', a person usually spells 'Pho Sho' like so because they know of Pho, the Vietnamese noodle soup, and are big enough fans to start replacing the word 'Fo' with 'Pho'.
Francois: Hey, bromo, are you down to go to Noodle World tonight?

Electro: OH PHO SHO!!!!
#fo sho #for sure #pho #hell yeah #definitely
by EthErealist April 27, 2010
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