a band trying to recreate the spontaneity of a dead show. the songs are weak, jamming has it's moments,psychedelia cannot be force- fed. wow! they can play on trampolines. does nothing for my trip.
phish sucks
by phil January 25, 2004
a band that produces music that causes no anger like bullshit rap and stupid radio rock.
boy man that phish sure makes good music
by Fee August 27, 2003
The epitome of the party also the indicator of the parties location.
Man: Where is the party?
Guy: I don't know let's ask Phish.
by jb66oftheblack July 10, 2008
A word that transvestites or gay men use for women. Sometimes they also use "Tuna" "Sushi" "Coy" or any other specie of fish.
"Hey Phish, What ya doing today?"
by lde88 May 14, 2009
A derogatory term for a dull, meandering jam session or guitar solo.
Pearl Jam were rad last night but they started to phish a bit during their encore and i wasn't stoned enough to enjoy it.
by scarletcityfever April 16, 2010
Plain and simple, Phish sucks. Just a bunch of drugged out hippies that write a bunch of metaphorical, lame ass lyrics that nobody can relate to unless your brother is the Wolfman or if you gotta jibboo. WTF? Of course the "music" sounds good to their fans, but not if they are not on acid!
Listening to you take a shit sounds so much better than listening to Phish.
by moooooooooon June 04, 2011
A hacked AOL screen name in which that users account has been taken over by a hacker.
Hey, I got a new phish, want it?
by Jon_K May 29, 2003
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